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Are you thinking about your future? Perhaps you’ve been teaching for awhile and things are beginning to get a bit routine?  Do you worry about losing the spark of curiosity and excitement you feel in the classroom? Do you see a rut in your professional life and wonder if there will ever be a chance to change?

If you want to electrify your teaching or training career, consider e-learning and online teaching. There’s a world of new opportunities and ideas waiting for you on the web!

I’m describing myself in the opening paragraph.  I was a veteran teacher fast approaching my 50’s with 25 years in the classroom.  As I commuted to work I’d ask myself is this where I’ll be next year? And the year after that? At the midpoint of my commute I’d pass a sailboat anchored on a large lake.  I started thinking that I was that sailboat.  At anchor in a beautiful place, with gorgeous but limited horizon line.  In my case I was focused on a single question:  Did I want to circle the wagons and wait it out until I could retire, while my love for teaching was chipped away a day at a time, or did I want to take a chance on a new future?

I set a goal to go back to school when I turned 50.  My plan was to be making my living online within five years.  It happened withing two.  It may be a cliche, but my dreams became goals, and my goals have been more than fulfilled, thanks to teaching and learning online.  Our program at UW-Stout embodies everything I’ve learned about e-learning amplified by the experience and expertise of the best group of online teachers I’ve ever worked with.

Think about joining us this summer!  You can change your future one class at a time, starting with the summer session which is now open for registration.

E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate http://www.uwstout.edu/soe/profdev/elearningcertificate.html

  • Are you looking for an E-learning and Online Teaching Certificate program?
  • Is your institution rapidly developing online courses and programs?
  • Are you looking for a new career or a way to supplement your current salary?
  • Our courses benefit educators interested in effectively teaching online or blended courses.

Summer and Fall registration is open now. Sign up soon.

Courses are completely online; no travel to campus required.
8-Week Online Courses Recommended Course Sequence

  • EDUC 760 E-Learning for Educators
  • EDUC 762 Assessment in E-Learning
  • EDUC 763 Instructional Design for E-Learning
  • EDUC 761 Creating Collaborative Communities
  • EDUC 764 E-Learning Practicum  (Prerequisite: Completion of EDUC 760, 761, 762, 763 and Consent of Instructor)

For more information, visit http://www.uwstout.edu/soe/profdev/elearningcertificate.html You may enroll in any single course for professional development or complete all four courses and the practicum to receive the Certificate in E-Learning and Online Teaching.

Courses can be used to fulfill requirements in the Master of Science in Education, Master of Science in Career and Technical Education and Ed.S. in Career and Technical Education degree programs.

  • Expert facilitation by veteran online educators
  • Small highly interactive classes
  • Professional quality projects for an e-portfolio to aid in job searches
  • Career mentoring and job placement assistance
  • Credits may also apply as electives in three different UW-Stout graduate degree programs
  • Highly competitive tuition (tuition is the same for Wisconsin residents, out-of-state and international students)

The courses model best practices in e-learning with interactive discussions and hands-on experiences

  • creating and using blogs, wikis, and other social tools
  • integrating video and podcasts
  • adopting best practices for engaging class discussions and assignments
  • designing authentic assessment activities, quizzes and grading options
  • building strong communication activities in your online class
  • motivating online students who are falling behind
  • managing your online teaching workload

If you have any questions, please contact Dennis O’Connor, the program adviser, at (530) 318-1145 or email oconnord@uwstout.edu

REGISTER SOON:  Summer and Fall Sessions are open now!

Register online today to reserve a spot at: http://www.uwstout.edu/soe/profdev/register.shtml

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