Manager of Online Instructional Technology (Director of eLearning) SUNY

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Job offered: Manager of Online Instructional Technology (Director of eLearning)

Type: Full-time
Location: Delhi, NY, USA (in the beatiful Catskills Mountains, 2.5 hours from NYC!)


Manager of Online Educational Technology

Category: Staff
Locations: Delhi, NY
Posted: Aug 25, ’11
Type: Full-time
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Job Description:

Broad Function:

The Manager of Online Educational Technology provides leadership and vision for the distance learning program at SUNY Delhi.

Major Responsibilities:

Manage Delhi’s online programs (services & systems), policies and practices, planning, budgeting, priorities, work-flow, outcomes, performances, etc.

Supervise instructional design team & manage day to day workload of department.

Provide instructional design to Delhi faculty, facilitating the design and development of online courses.

Oversee the evaluation of online courses, curricula, and faculty.

Create and maintain online and hard-copy training materials.

Offer online and classroom seminars.

Serve as a phone hotline coordinator to students and faculty.

Work with the college’s Campus Information System staff to better serve students and faculty.
Staff, budget and implement on-going training, workshops, and walk-in support for faculty and staff.

Formulate, in collaboration with the Provost, faculty development policies, procedures and incentives.

Coordinate training and support documentation efforts on new systems and services offered by CIS as they relate to Online Education.

Track faculty and staff development activities as they relate to Online Education

formulate assessments for on-going improvement of services offered by Dept of Online Educational.

Identify appropriate vendors and recommend the purchase of online education related technology; establish and maintain a useful relationship with vendors.

Through various marketing techniques, promote Delhi’s online courses and programs.

Assist with the development of annual CIS and DOE budgets.
Promote and assist with the transition of traditional courses to a hybrid and/or completely online format.

Oversee and provide end user support for various DOE related systems
The Manager of Online Educational Technology will assist faculty with transitioning traditionally offered courses to the online environment, creating hybrid courses, and with using online platforms as ancillary tools to enhance traditionally taught classes. To this end, the Manager of Online Educational Technology will maintain current knowledge of distance learning issues, trends, and pedagogy, including curriculum design and development; outcomes assessment; and be capable of identifying areas for improvement. The position will also coordinate training sessions and workshops during staff development workshops and throughout the year as needed. The Manager of Online Educational Technology will utilize various tools to determine training needs of the campus such as surveys, helpdesk ticketing system, and specific requests.



The college seeks a results-oriented, decisive, high achiever with the excellent interpersonal and communications skills needed to easily and comfortably interact with faculty, students and administration. The successful candidate will have a proven record of successful leadership in an information management organization. Professional experience in a higher education environment is helpful but not required. A seven or more year work history that demonstrates progressively responsible experience in technology planning and application. At least three years in a leadership / management capacity. Proven track record managing complex projects and processes.

Minimum Qualifications:

A master’s degree is required, along with professional teaching experience (preferably at the college level), at least one year experience in the creation or support of technology-enhanced learning resources and materials, and working knowledge of online course platforms (Moodle preferred). Excellent written and oral communication skills; strong attention to detail; an entrepreneurial spirit; and a willingness and ability to encourage faculty to engage in online instruction is desired.

Additional Information:

Salary range is $50,000 – $60,000 annually. This is a full time, year round position with an excellent fringe benefits package and a great work environment.

Application Instructions:

To apply, please submit:

Letter of interest
Contact information for three professional references

ONLINE ART1010 Instructor – Moodle Experience Required

elearning jobs

Job offered: ONLINE ART1010 Instructor – Moodle Experience Required

Type: Contract
Location: Telecommute – San Diego, CA

CMU is seeking a part time adjunct ART1010 online instructor who has experience teaching in Moodle. We currently run the 1.9 edition of Moodle.

Minimum Qualifications: Applicant must have a master degree in subject area or a minimum of 18 semester hours in subject area.

Maximum Qualifications: Applicant meeting the minimum requirements with hands on work experience in the art industry (history of art knowledge).

This class will start 10-24-2011. It is an 8+ week class 100 percent online with approximately 8 or 9 international students whose challenges include: internet connections, technology, language barriers, cultural differences.

The course has already been designed with syllabus in place; faculty can add videos, tutorials, outside resources. Faculty will have 30 days to become acquainted with the course materials and add to it if so desired.

Please email resume to

Hone Your Skills: E-Learning for Educators Fall 2011 UW-Stout Online

E-Learning for Educators

ONLINE COURSE EDUC 760 E-Learning for Educators 3 semester hours graduate credit

Adjunct Professors, K-12 Educators, Corporate Trainers, Health Educators, Curriculum specialists: Hone your skills so you can compete in a growing job market!

Explore online and blended applications for e-learning using an open source learning management system, Moodle, and the D2L learning management system. You will have the opportunity to create your course content with Moodle, an inexpensive way for educators to create an effective online course.

The course provides a strong foundation in e-learning and online teaching theory and technology.  Emphasis is on developing a community of practice founded on critical reflection, personal interaction, and rich experiences with web 2.0 tools. E-Learning for Educators is is the recommended first course in the E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate program.

Activities include hands-on experience with Web 2.0 tools such as social bookmarking, blogs, podcasts,  personalized search tools, surveys, quizzes, and discussion systems.

This course prepares learners to lead and manage instructional challenges in a variety of online settings in educational institutions, corporations, the military, health care and government agencies. The emphasis is on what you can use right now in your teaching or training.

This course introduces educators to the hands on realities of teaching online. Using Moodle and D2L teach and learn as both a student and an instructor.  Discover e-learning best practices and create discussion forums, online surveys, quizzes and e-portfolios.

EDUC 760 E-Learning for Educators 3 graduate credits
This is the introductory course in the E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate, is an approved elective in the online Master of Science in Education degree program, and is open as an individual course to students seeking professional development.

Sections are nearly full:

Choose one section:
EDUC 760 900 September 19- November 11, 2011 Instructor: Jim Erbe
EDUC 760 901 October 3 – November 30, 2011 Instructor: Dennis O’Connor
EDUC 760 902 October 3 – November 30, 2011 Instructor: Sara Turansky

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What students are saying:

“It was a great first experience with online learning!  I would, I have, and I will, recommend the course to colleagues with whom I work, and I would consider another online course without hesitation. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!”
~ Middle School Librarian, Los Angeles, California

“I enjoyed the instructor(s) and their focus on organization and professionalism.”
~ Instructor at Waukesha County Technical College, Pewaukee, Wisconsin

“Prior to beginning the class, one of my most strongly held notions was that the interaction and level of engagement in an online course environment could not come close to the experience one has in a face to face class. While I don’t know that I am ready to fully embrace the concept that one should be able to earn a high school diploma or a Bachelor’s degree completely online,  I certainly believe there is tremendous value, rigor, and powerful sense of community that can be developed in a thoughtfully constructed course with a skilled teacher shepherding the process. ”
~ Middle School Librarian, Los Angeles, California

Google Docs / 5 Day Moodle Online Class

Google Documents (Fully Facilitated 5 Day Online Class)

gdocs class

Login as guest:  Moodle Classroom

How much time will this take?

Plan for at least 5 hours of instruction (about an hour a day). It will be easy to put in more time than that. We hope you’ll find the information so interesting that the time will fly by.

Do I have to login at a specific time each day?

The course is completely time shifted. It’s designed so that participants can enter the online classroom 24/7 and still interact. This let’s you fit the class to your schedule. We’ll go Monday – Friday, with the following Saturday to wrap things up.

What will I learn how to do?

  • Create a Google account
  • Upload documents to Google docs
  • Share a Google document with a colleague
  • View the revision history of a shared document (a wiki like function of Gdocs)
  • Publish a shared document as a web page that automatically updates when the source document is edited.
  • We also have an optional independent study module on how to use Google Docs offline.

How is this course taught?

Instruction includes the use of illustrated webpages and video. Additionally Dennis O’Connor will be facilitating this class. (Dennis is a highly trained online teacher.) There are discussion forums where participants can share ideas. The instructor will also be monitoring the class for questions and be available for trouble shooting help.

What about teaching resources?

You will find many resources with ideas for teachers and librarians interested in using Google Docs in the classroom.

How long will I have access to this course?

The course remains open to you for at least three months so you can continue study and have access to the resources.

How do I register?

  • First establish an account on Note the graphic on the course home page. (Each person taking the class should create their own account.)
  • Next login using your established username and password.
  • Click into the Gdocs online classroom.(Found in the Information Fluency Category.)
  • When you first enter you’ll be presented with a PayPal registration page.
  • Click through to pay for the class by credit card.
  • You do not need a Pay Pal account to use this secure system. (We do not store your credit card information.)
  • Once you have paid you’ll be returned to the Gdocs class.
  • The full course will open on December 1, 2008.

We hope to see you online!

Online Courses in Information Fluency!


Search Help, Evaluation and Digital Ethics for School, Business and Home

Courses Starting Soon

powersearching and wsi

Need to create a back to school training?

Use our modular content to snap together your own unique training course.

Power Searching in a Web 2.0 World

Next session starts Aug 4 (4 Weeks $99)

Login as guest: Moodle Classroom| Course Description

Website Investigator: An Introduction to Information Forensics

Next session starts Aug 11 (2 Weeks $68) Login as guest: Moodle Classroom | Course Description

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Power Searching in a Web 2.0 World: 4 Week Online Course

New Section Forming! April 28 – May 22.
Power Searching in a Web 2.0 World: 4 Week Online Course.

Searching, evaluating, and ethically using digital information. Activities include self-paced learning modules, online flash based games, and forum discussions.

To Register Online: Click Here (This Moodle based course begins April 28, 2008)

For information write ~ 21CIF Team

Moodle Rising

Moodle unleash the potential superman image

I’ve been working for several years with Moodleroom hosted Moodle course installations. I’ve noodled around with Moodle since 2002, but stayed away at first because I didn’t want to climb the learning curve of running my own server. Then I found Tom Murdock & Gina Stevens at Thinking Distance. They were educators who were committed to providing online elearning experiences with a great open source platform. With hosting off my plate I had more time to dedicate to creating and teaching classes, just the way I like it. The years have flown by and I’ve developed a number of classes and CMS systems (,, ) Theses experiences have given me insight and respect for Moodle. I’m so glad I got on this train

Recently the number of calls from interested educators, consulting work in education and elsewhere, and just general interest has been off the charts. Many are realizing the wisdom of NOT paying exorbitant seat costs to the big commercial outfits when an open source system can do the job…. better!

Moodle Up / Blackboard Down

  • Bad News for Blackboard, Good News for Moodle at e-Literate There is a Change in CMS preference at Jr. College level. This blog post provides a strong overview of a shifting market. This is a must read for anyone contemplating a CMS change. As Moodle rapidly gains market share (and Blackboard looses it, perhaps in part by their claim to own online learning technology) the time is ripe for some strategic thinking. Comparing seat costs between the major players one will quickly see that IF Moodle came with a hosting support package that rivaled the likes of Blackbaord, D2L, & eCollege the cost of Moodle (open source free code) makes it a safe choice for decision makers. For those looking for hosted support (from single teacher installations to commercial level accounts with hundreds of thousands of user look to Enough said. (For Now!)(tags: moodle cms Blackboard)
  • What is Moodle – The Video . . . | eLaNCProfessional Video Overview of Moodle Features. A glossy, short (:52 sec) video of Moodle capabilities.(tags: moodle)