E-Learning and Online Teaching Jobs!

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E-Learning and Online Teaching Jobs!

Online High school Part Time Adjunct Instructors Oregon State

September 4, 2010 · No Comments · e-learning

Are you a Certified Teacher?
Do you have a passion for education?
Do you want a flexible work arrangement?
Are you skilled at teaching and supporting High School Students?
Are you computer savvy?
Do you have a strong drive to succeed?

Then look no further.
Kaplan Academy of Oregon (KAOR) is recruiting for its charter schools and we have a variety of part-time positions in Oregon in different subject areas. (You must live in the state of Oregon to be qualified for the position):

Math 9-12
Health and P.E. 6-12

Instructors at KAOR instruct students using Kaplan’s virtual learning platform and facilitate class discussions via telephone, instant message, email and online blackboards. Students will be able to access their coursework from virtually anywhere at any time via the Internet. A parent portal allows families to access their child’s academic record and activity virtually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Laptops will be provided to any active student who does not have access to a computer.

One of the biggest differences between a brick and mortar setting and a virtual one is obviously that of your working environment. You’ll go from being in a classroom for most of your day to being at home in your “virtual office”. There may also be “blended opportunities” where students can meet in a lab setting and work together with some of their teachers and other students.

Some fast facts about K-12 online education include…
• 57% of public secondary schools in the U.S. provide access to students for online learning.
• 86% percent of teens, 88% of online teens, and 80% of all parents believe that the Internet helps teenagers to do better in school.
• Data suggest that in about six years, 10 percent of all courses will be computer-based, and by 2019 about 50 percent of courses will be delivered online.
• Recent surveys show that K-12 online learning is a rapidly growing phenomenon.
• Online Learning is also effective: On average, students seem to perform equally well or better academically in online learning.

KAOR provides quality education to underserved segments of the population, bridging both the socioeconomic and performance gaps. Our results are measurable, documented gains in academic and professional outcomes as compared with traditional education.

Experience Required:

Bachelor Degree required in subject area of teaching.
Oregon state will require an Oregon state specific valid teaching certificate in subject area.
Two years prior High School teaching experience.
Highly qualified
Must live in Oregon State (This position is remote, working virtually from your home, but will require face to face meeting with other teachers, students and parents and to proctor test in the state.)

Skills Required:

Ability to provide superior customer service with emphasis on communication.
o Proactively reach out to students, don’t wait for problems to approach them.
o Excellent written and oral communication skills.
• Ability to maintain a professional demeanor in a fast-paced environment.
• Ability to interact professionally and maintain effective working relationships with stakeholders.
• Ability to plan and organize work.
o Ability to maintain confidentiality.
o Strong drive to succeed.


• Willing to make time commitments to students online or via the phone as the student/parent requires necessary support beyond the regular work schedule
? 50% online grading & 50% reaching out, office hours, time online
o Reach out to contact students/parents to ensure the students are meetings teacher expectations (Ex: time online)
o Providing office hours preferably during the day
o Offer access online with students to address their needs/questions
• Knowledge of school policies and procedures
• Familiar with technology.
• State Certification in more than one subject area preferred
• Online teaching experience
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (Especially Excel and Power Point)

Measurement of Success:

The full time instructor will be evaluated based on – knowledge of subject area and ability to work with students in subject area; – ability to accurately and effectively resolve behind pace and schedule issues; – ability to work effectively on a team, both within and across the charter departments; and – attitude and enthusiasm.

Salary Description:

Per semester-commensurate with online High School teaching experience.


Please apply immediately at http://www.kaplan.com (Careers at Kaplan, Join Our Team, Search Openings, Req # 12354BR) as we plan to fill these positions in the next 2-3 weeks in order to hire and train the Adjuncts two weeks before the school year begins (September 2010).

For more information about KVE please go to www.kaplanvirtualeducation.com and www.kaplanonlineschools.com.

Kaplan is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Thanks again for your interest!

Corporate Recruiting Team


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